Helping Hands for Hank

Fighting Parry Romberg Syndrome


Although we have major medical insurance, we never expected that one of our children would have a rare disease that could not be treated successfully close to home.

Through our fundraising efforts we have been able to get Hank to NYC four times and stay the necessary amount of time for consultation, surgeries and recoveries. Hank has had four surgeries since July of 2009, traveling to NYC and Wisconsin, with another surgery scheduled for June 19, 2014 in Wisconsin.   Because Parry Romberg Syndrome is considered "incurable" we don't know what to expect as Hank grows. 

We continue to fundraise to pay off the outstanding medical costs not covered by insurance, Hank's future surgeries and care as well as to be able to continue in our awareness-raising campaign. 

Hank has been through so much and we are so proud of his generous, courageous and compassionate heart. By allowing us to share his story with others and raise awareness, we have been able to help many other PRS families find the help they need and to have the courage to get through it. 

All money raised goes into the Helping Hands for Hank Trust Fund.

*Our fundraising efforts have been put on hold lately. Hank is facing surgery mid-June 2017, in Seattle Washington. But with 2 working parents and three active children, we have not had the time to put towards active fundraising. We are now just focused on getting Hank there and our prolonged stay in Seattle as he recovers before we can fly home.We will see what insurance takes care of and renew fundraising to pay off the bills when we returen.

You Online Fundraiser for Hank: Ongoing

Friends have started an online fundraiser for Hank. We are trying to raise at least $5,000 to cover the cost of this 5th surgery. Our goal is to raise much more to fund our awareness raising efforts and hope for research.

You can find the information by clicking on the link:

Pizza with a Purpose: CPK for Hank: June 10, 2014

MARK YOUR CALENDAR for Tuesday, June 10 to dine at California Pizza Kitchen and support Hank! Located at 876 Marsh Street at the Downtown Center! Bring in the flyer and let them know you are there for Hank! 

Flyer and more information to come!   


Past Fundraisers

We are very fortunate to be a part of not one, but two very loving and giving communities:  Both in Elk Grove, CA and also in our home town of San Luis Obispo, CA.  We are surrounded by good friends, family and even strangers who have rallied around Hank!  Thank you to all who have opened your businesses to us, donated raffle and auction items, and for those who have worked diligently to make these fundraisers a success!

"Hope for Hank" Fundraiser: Friday, May 10, 2013  

4th Annual Tamale Fundraiser                                                          

December 1-14, 2012 

Helping Hands for Hank Golf Tournament                                     September 28, 2012 

Hope for Hank Fundraiser at Funderland                                                        May 11, 2012 

Tamale Fundraiser                                                                                               Nov. 30-Dec.15, 2011

Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament Fundraiser                                               September 16, 2011 

3rd Annual Vine Crusher Run                                                                    August 21, 2011

Benefit Concert for Hank                                                                                  July 31, 2011            

2nd Annual Tamale Fundraiser:                                                         December 2011                                                                       

BBQ "Fun"Raiser                                                                                                  July 10, 2010 

Wrangler Fundraising Dinner and Auction                                                June 26, 2010

Mary Kay Satin Hands Fundraiser                                                     May/June 2010

Moore's Karate of Elk Grove: Kick-a-Thon 2010                               February 2010

Tamale Fundraiser                                                                                 November 2009

Texas Hold 'em Poker Tournament Fundraiser at McConnell Estates Winery:  October 2009

HH4H Drive-Thru BBQ Fundraiser: SLO Elk's Club, San Luis Obispo, CA September 2009

Ponce Photography Fundraiser: "Portraits to Support Hank!"                      August 2009

Steve's Pizza Fundraiser: "Pizza night out for Hank"                               June 2009

Color Me Mine Fundraiser: "Paint for Hank!"                                           June 2009

Evening at the Winery for Helping Hands for Hank: McConnell Estates Winery.  June 2009

"We Bake for Hank": The women of Lisi Inc. bake sale                            May 2009

Rubio's Fundraiser                                                                                            May 2009


Special  thanks to McConnell Estates Winery: "Evening at the Winery for Hank"  2009.

Thank you for all who contributed to making this such a successful event!  The Elk Grove community really came through for us and we are so grateful for all the support!  The success of this event is due to the hard work and dedication of seven exceptional women:  Patty Wackman, Barbara Arthur, Susan Hopkins, Barbara Wackman, Deborah Larson, Lynda Castle and Ann Figueroa.

     Special Thanks to Mike and Patty Wackman and the rest of the Wackman family for donating the use of their winery.  Thank you to their wonderful staff for donating their time and thank you to our brothers-in-law, Chuck Arthur, Stephen Hopkins and Howard Wackman, for helping with the event.                                                                                                And thank you to good friend Kim Crawford for running the ticket booth and greeting the guests. This truly was a group effort and we thank ALL who were involved!!

McConnell Estates Winery                                                                                  10686 W. Stockton Blvd, Elk Grove CA 95757